Monday, December 07, 2009

monday summer pics


light flare
an evening swim
summer's here


  1. nice shot. che looks all grown up in this one. xo m.

  2. what beautiful light, a photo to be treasured :)

    Your blog is beautiful too...

    {thanks for following}


  3. I have to agree with jeanamarie, the light is beautiful and the boy too.

  4. Lovely shot...
    I am jumping in on your summer pics theme. A little late but just putting the first one up now.

  5. OMG ... This looks identical to where I used to live many moons ago. It was one of the most special & magical places to me. Seeing your pic brought back so many fond memories for me ... Always something inspiring on your page.

  6. oh, this one perfectly captures that summer mood. Just had a lovely ten mins reading through your blog before bed...lovely! And thanks. x

  7. Hi Jodi. I am finally following you!!! In the new year I am up and running too. I just love love love your beautiful words and accompanying photos. A true artist. The workshop in Sydney sounded so inspiring and true to your path and journey... looking forward to seeing you at Yoga in 2010. I plan to go every week. x

  8. How beautiful. I wish it were summer right now.


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