Thursday, April 09, 2009

birthday wishes are so nice

Thank you for all those beautiful well-wishes. My 25th was wonderful. The most amazing flowers from my secret admirer (a.k.a Daniel), gorgeous gifts and yummy food. It was memorable. I loved every minute.

My birthday week coincided with Ché's 18-month-birthday and the little one has started walking. Two hands in front of him, all Frankenstein-esque, he's stumbling around like a little drunk. So sweet and yet heartbreaking. Because he looks like a little boy. It hit me really hard. It still shocks me how deeply I'm connected to him. Last night he cuddled into me as I read him his new favourite story. Just before he nuzzled in for a before-bed feed he said to me: "Muma, oh Muma."



  1. awww, melts my heart. i can't wait to be a momma some day.

  2. How beautiful! Doesn't it melt your heart? My children make my heart melt everyday with their sweetness. I adore it.

  3. Oh my.. my heart is melting too. It's in those moments and within those words that makes it all SO worth it. :)

    I'm happy you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. He is so sweet! And happy belated birthday!

  5. happy birthday sorry I'm late in sending you wishes. It sounds like you had a lovely day, and yay for walking boy!! I know what you mean about him seeming all grown-up, the other day I had to cut jasper's fringe, and I didn't want to throw away the hair I cut off! But trust me, he'll always be your little boy, at the first sign of trouble, it's you he'll come to, and that is the most special part of being a mother.

  6. So sweet, that little one of yours.

    I am pleased you had a lovely birthday.

    Minnie still 'pretends' to have a nuzzle some nights before sleep (tonight included - she just lays her little face on my chest and has her 'book (what she called breast milk)). She weaned her at almost 2 1/2 and sometimes we both still miss it... Savour it all. x

  7. Beautiful! Until you become a mamma you can only guess at that love!
    I've nominated you for a lemonade award. I loe reading about you life.

  8. too cute, happy belated birthday lovely girl xx


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