Tuesday, December 02, 2008

his first artwork

...and then he ate the pen.

original artwork by Ché.


  1. Precious! I was overjoyed and oh so proud when my daughter drew her first "piece". She is now interested in putting "makeup" on mommy with her crayons. You should try him with some paints, oh the fun that is :)!

  2. Oh how clever is he. That is so special. You must be bringing that one out for his 21st birthday.
    Oh that is so cute. Thanks for sharing it Jod's..xx

  3. Oh that is so lovely, Iike black and white, little P does lots of b+w, they look so dramatic!

    Love your mantel too, and your little love story - just darling!

  4. he is so clever:)
    frame-able for sure!
    x ashley

  5. So, he's a performance artist too?
    Very, very cute drawing...

  6. Oh! SO exciting!
    And so it begins...XXxx


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