Friday, December 12, 2008

we do it different here

Sometimes it is hard to create magic at Christmas time - especially considering our Christmas trees are lined up outside the local fruit and veg shop instead of a snowy field. I've walked passed this blue wall so many times and never noticed it's vibrance. It was only when the contrast of the green arrived that I discovered my new favourite wall. I'll have fun with this over summer.

Our Christmas here is casual. Sometimes we swim in the ocean on Christmas Day. We eat prawns, fish and fresh salads for Chrissy lunch. Sometimes we swelter in the mid-summer heat. There is sand instead of snow. Sunscreen instead of mittens.

Now that I'm a Muma Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning. An no doubt next year when my little one has a little more understanding and hence a whole lot more excitement, we will decorate, make, wrap and celebrate much more. And like this year we will revel in our beach Christmas, where the ocean beckons and the sun is hot. It's a more subtle seasonal magic but it's just a wondrous.


  1. Looking out my window here at the sea today, I can't imagine the sun or the sand this year! But who knows...

  2. Prawns and the beach sound wonderful! I have experienced both northern and southern hemisphere Christmases and I think in the end you can't beat blue sky and sunshine!

  3. i've often wodnered what christmas will be like for us in aus. for me it is so deeply connected to the winter solstice. they are practically one and the same. i can't imagine seperating the two. i feel sad just thinking about it.

    but you're right, that blue wall is really nice. especially with the splash of green so close.

  4. It's great when something so familiar can be seen with new eyes. I am hoping for a bit of wet this christmas.

  5. I really cannot imagine Christmas without the snow....but the swimming sounds amazing....

  6. I thought I'd miss the winter feeling and be freaked out by the heat on Christmas when we visited last year but it was magical! The prawns. The beach. The light. Indeed! I can't believe that my Australian family is choosing to come here this Christmas. That's gotta be love.


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