Monday, August 18, 2008

dancing by the sea

Apparently I looked like Jemima from Play School in my dress. Che loved his vintage cord waistcoat and told me he'd like to wear it every second day until it fits him no more. I said that is fine because the best thing about it is that it's reversible. And on the other side is fabric covered in turtles. Perfect really.

In the background of this photo are just a couple of the many coal ships lining up to get into port. I've seen about 10 on the horizon at times. At night when they're lit up they look a bit magic.


  1. Hi there, what a beautiful blog and photographs! Your life looks magical. :-)

    Thanks a TON for the tip about the leg cramps - I would be willing to try anything and that is something I could definitely manage!

  2. Hey - FANTASTIC dress. It's beautiful. I always loved Jemima, so I'd take it as a good thing.

    And cute waistcoat. I want to see the turtles!!

  3. I can't see the style, the the fabric is gorgeous.

  4. That is a photo to treasure. I think it will mean a lot to him when he's grown up.I like your dress!

  5. You are both looking very gorgeous in your outfits! We have some friends in Newcastle and when we came up to visit there were around 20 ships waiting to come in. I've never seen anything like it before.

  6. love that dress and print!!! where do you get it???


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